Observation Hive
Science Department
Tualatin Valley Academy
Hillsboro, Oregon

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Observation Hive
Mason Bees

A mirror behind the hive lets us see the bees on the back.  Several sugar syrup/honey feeder ports supply the bees with extra food during times of low nectar flow.

Clear tubing allows us to see the bees enter and exit the hive.  Tubing connects to a hole in the wall to give bees access to the outside world.
Workers tending capped brood cells.

Lucas holds the package of new bees.  The package contains 3 pounds of bees (about 10,000 workers & a queen).

Lucas sprays sugar syrup on the bees to feed and calm them down before opening the package.

Bees are knocked down to the bottom of the package.

Sugar syrup feeder can is removed to open the package.

The queen cage is removed from the package.  The cork plug is removed and replaced with a marshmallow before being placed in the hive.  The workers will eat the marshmallow to free the queen within a day or so.

Package bees are emptied into the hive boxes.

Emptying the package of bees into the observation hive boxes turns out to be a bit more tricky than emptying bees into a conventional hive.

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