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Welcome to our web site! The following links will be useful to students in completing web-based instruction and research. These may also be of interest to parents and friends of TVA.

Current Weather at TVA
TVA's Online Weather Center

Weather Links

Bird Links

 Our Bird Feeding Station

Student Bird Reports

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Science Resources for Students
(You will need your Washington County Public Library Card for access)

Science Explorer Textbook Resources

Science Explorer Online Textbooks at Pearson SuccessNet

Tualatin Valley Academy Student Collaboration on

Blackburnian Warbler by Kim Cheung, Grade 9

"Textured Birds"
Artwork of Tualatin Valley Academy students featured at Cornell Lab of Ornithology, Ithaca, NY. 


Deformed Trout

Bees & Insects

 Annual Marine Biology Trip

Fouling Community Study

Our Science Lab
Science at TVJA (slide show) 
Science at TVJA (brochure)


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