February 2003
Science Department
Tualatin Valley Academy
Hillsboro, Oregon

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September 2003
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February 2003
Critter Catchers

Our students who participated in the Marine Career Day Program had the opportunity to check on the block left under the pier at Hatfield Marine Science Center.  By February 7, 2003 the block had been in the ocean nearly six months.  We found barnacles, mussels, hermit crabs, kelp crab, ribbon worm, ghost shrimp, isopods, and a small sculpin.

A second block (the one we examined in September 2002 and then returned to the water) had many of the same organisms as the new block.  In addition to those organisms it also had obelia, tunicates and traces of the algae and seaweed we found in September.  

Unfortunately we have come to the conclusion that our school's digital camera is not going to work out for taking close-ups of these organisms.  We will need to find a better method of photographically documenting our discoveries in the future.  Our apologies for the out-of-focus close-ups.   

Click on the picture to enlarge.

FoulingBlock3 22003.jpg (402935 bytes)
Block Retrieval

FoulingBlock1 22003.jpg (333931 bytes)
After 6 Months

FoulingBlock4 22003.jpg (422542 bytes)
Obvious Barnacles

fish&hcrab.jpg (274356 bytes)
Hermit Crab & Sculpin

fish&hcrab2.jpg (299352 bytes)
Hermit Crab & Sculpin

crabs.jpg (198129 bytes)
Hermit Crab & Kelp Crab

kelp crab.jpg (211657 bytes)
Kelp Crab

ribbon worm.jpg (381292 bytes)
Ribbon Worm

FoulingBlock2 22003.jpg (381831 bytes)
Tunicates & Obelia 



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