February 2002
Science Department
Tualatin Valley Academy
Hillsboro, Oregon

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Critter Catchers

Several of our students who participated in the Student Ocean Conference checked in on the block left under the pier at Hatfield Marine Science Center.  By February 22, 2002 the block had been in the ocean nearly six months.  We found two sea stars, barnacles, two hermit crabs, mussels, and a few others we still need to identify.  Click on the picture to enlarge.

FoulingBlock1.jpg (111884 bytes) FoulingBlock2.jpg (169918 bytes) FoulingBlock6.jpg (139972 bytes) FoulingBlock4.jpg (135602 bytes)
FoulingBlock8.jpg (122187 bytes) OceanConf2.jpg (122024 bytes) OceanConf18.jpg (107244 bytes) FoulingBlock7.jpg (86060 bytes)

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