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TVA's Online Weather Center

TVA's Weather Station: Current Conditions

TVA's Weather Station on WeatherBug


The 7th grade class with Meteorologist Bruce Sussman at KOIN Local 6 on January 30, 2009.


Click for Hillsboro, Oregon Forecast

Links for Current Weather Information and Satellite Images

(weather maps, satellite images and more)


Geostationary Satellite Server

(US National Weather Service)

 NOAA (Portland)
(local weather)

Oregon Climate Service
(satellite images)

USA Today Weather

Unisys Weather

Weather or Not 
(satellite images)

"The storm starts
when the drops start dropping.
When the drops stop dropping
then the storm starts stopping."
Dr. Seuss

Science Explorer: Weather and Climate
(textbook activities)

KATU Ch.2 Weather 
KATU Weather Forecast (video)
KOIN Ch.6 Weather

KGW Ch.8
FOX Ch.12 Weather
KXL 750 Weather

Links for Student Research

Activities & Projects 
Aviation Weather Tutorial & Activities
AWS WeatherNet 
Barometric Pressure Conversion Calculator
Hurricane Tracking Chart
Hurricane Tracking Data
JetStream - Online School for Weather
NOAA - Air Resources Laboratory
Phenomenal Weather Explorations

Projects and Activities
The STORM Project
The STORM Project Level 1 Activities
The STORM Project Level 2 Activities
The STORM Project Level 3 Activities
Volcanic Ash Forcast (VAFTAD Model)
The Weather Channel - Kids
WeatherBug Achieve
Weather on the Web Worksheet J
Wonderful World of Weather

Air Masses & Fronts 
Air Masses and Fronts

Careers in Meteorology
Atmospheric Scientists 
Careers in Atmospheric Research
Career Guide 
Bruce Sussman (Ch.6)
Christine Ferreira (Ch.6)
Dave Salesky (Ch.8)
Matt Zaffino (Ch.8)

Rod Hill (Ch.2)
Rhonda Shelby (Ch.2)
Tim Joyce (Ch.6)

Climate Change (EPA)
El Niņo (NOAA)
El Niņo
The Earth's Orbit
Global Warming SciLinks 
Tracking El Niņo (NOVA)
US Interactive Climate Pages

Clouds & Precipitation 
Cloud Chart
Clouds and Precipitation 
Cloud Types: common cloud classifications
Learning About Clouds 

Precipitation Online Guide
PSC Meteorology Program Cloud Boutique
Snow Crystals
Snowflake Bentley
The Cryosphere

General Weather Topics 
DataStreme Junction
Franklin's Forecast
Light and Optics

NOAA Satellites & Information 
Radar Ornithology Lab

The STORM Project Home Page

Weather SciLinks

NOAA Home Page

Lightning & Thunder
Ball Lightning 
Lightning (National Geographic) 
Lightning (NASA) 

Predicting Weather 
IPS MeteoStar
Pacific Northwest Environmental Forecasts and Observations
Remote Sensing 
Weather Forecasting

Reading Weather Maps 

Reading Weather Maps
Weather Computer Models
WXMAP Weather Maps

Severe Weather 
Flying Through a Hurricane 

Hurricanes Online Meteorology Guide 
Hurricane Resources

Hurricane Storm Science
National Hurricane Center
Severe Storms
Severe Weather SciLinks

Storm Chaser Page

The Perfect Storm (Warner) 
The "Real" Perfect Storm (US Coast Guard) 
The Perfect Storm (Satellite Images)


Riverside Scientific

Water Cycle 
The Hydrologic Cycle

Forces and Winds
Franklin's Wind Links
Pressure and Winds

TVA's Weather Station on WeatherBug
Enter school code 4CS5P when you register your free WeatherBug software.

Current Weather in Newport, OR

Tide Tables

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